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Trained and Certified Healers. Collaborative Care in a Safe Space. Healing Touch.


Holistic Health Coaching

Holistic Organizational and Lifestyle Coaching – as practiced by Life Architect Francesca Verri Gove, is coaching that helps bring about an awakened sense of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in your self and space, with your time and mind. Through weekly, 50-minute coaching sessions you will discover where you are cluttered and unwell, and learn about how to make the best lifestyle choices so you find peace in your day to day despite the curve-balls life throws you. You will receive health and lifestyle recommendations based on your needs, mind and body exercises to reduce stress, resources to increase your knowledge about nutrition and order, and support and guidance with your wellness goals. Clients express feeling clearer, freer in their space and life, and that they learn how to make sustainable lifestyle changes so they can live their best life.

     Initial Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coaching, 90 minute session, $175

     Private Coaching Packages

          3 Sessions - 50 minutes each - $500
          6 Sessions - 50 minutes each - $950
          12 Sessions - 50 minutes each - $1800

Essential Oil Coaching- as practiced by Holistic Health Coach and Young Living Essential Oils Advocate Annemarie Nagle, is coaching that helps bring about a greater understanding of essential oils - their various uses and applications in your health, home, and family. An initial 60 minute visit will help you with using essential oils to address any immediate concerns or gain a fuller understanding of your existing stock of essential oils. Follow up visits will have you developing a greater understanding of the holistic benefits of utilizing essential oils in everyday life for yourself, your family, your pets, and your home.

     Initial Holistic Essential Oils Coaching, 60 minute session, $75

     Private Coaching Packages

          3 Sessions - 60 minutes each - $220

          6 Sessions - 60 minutes each - $400

          12 Sessions - 60 minutes each - $800